Our Services

We provide a variety of home remodeling and renovation services that are centered around the kitchen, but extend to the rest of the house as well. We are passionate about combining great design with reliable and affordable materials and technology. We’ll also work with you to ensure that your design vision is fully realized and that you are comfortable with all of the changes we’re making to your home. Here are the specific services we offer.

Interior Design

We offer full interior design services, ranging from the initial CAD design all the way to the finishing decor touches. Our interior designers can help you with both the look and the functionality of your new kitchen by assessing your existing space and how it can be transformed according to your wishes.


Cabinets and woodwork are an essential part of any kitchen, so we work with some of the best carpenters in the area to create beautiful fixtures for your kitchen. Our carpenters are highly skilled and have years of experience, so they are able to create highly detailed products that look wonderful in any kitchen. They can also repair existing woodwork in your kitchen if you are more focused on restoring the existing shape of the space.


Good plumbing is necessary for any working house, so we offer plumbing repairs and installation for your remodel. We contract with local plumbers who have experience with older homes, so no challenge is too large. We can also help install new sinks and other water features if you don’t have existing pipes for them to begin with.

Electrical Services

A big part of remodeling a kitchen is installing new lighting fixtures and appliances. Our professional electricians can install a variety of different fixtures quickly and easily. They can also repair any problems that you currently have with lighting or outlets.

By developing a network of some of the best service providers in the West Virginia area, we are able to provide thorough kitchen remodeling services to our clients. In addition to the services listed here, we also provide custom services. Contact us if you are interested in a service not listed here for more information. We can also provide pricing at our initial consultation depending on the size of your home and what type of work you need done.