Types of Islands For Your Kitchen

An island is a great way to add more space to your kitchen for storage, cooking, and just hanging out. When renovating kitchens, adding an island is a big priority for many people. There are many different types of islands that you can incorporate into your kitchen, regardless of the size or layout of your space. Here are some of the many ways you can add an island to your space.

One of the most common types of islands is a bar-style island. This island has one side that is dedicated completely to seating, and eliminates the need for an extra dining table if you have a big family or frequently host social events. It also makes your kitchen feel more social and exciting. The other side of the island is dedicated to storage and is a good place for keeping appliances and cookware. Because this type of island is very simple, there are many design possibilities that you can use in your house.

If you have a small kitchen, you might want to consider using a rolling island. This is an island that is constructed with wheels and can be moved throughout your kitchen. This is ideal for unusual spaces because it still provides you with a way to have an island without having to make major changes to the foundation of the house. The downside to a rolling island is that they tend to offer less storage than their stationary counterparts.

For larger kitchens, a U-shape or L-shape is the way to go. Both designs provide extra storage space on the bottom, and they have room to install more appliances as well. These shapes also make it easy to add seating on one or more sides without compromising available cooking or storage space. However, these designs are best for those who have very large kitchens, as they may not fit into the smaller kitchen spaces commonly found in older homes and apartments.

If you’re going for true glamor (and have huge amounts of space to work with), consider a circular or curved island. This design is very stylish and is perfect for adding seating options to your kitchen. They also add tons of extra cooking space, so if you love to prepare elaborate meals, this option may work well for you. However, their unique shape does mean it can be more difficult to store things.