Kitchen Trends for the True Foodie

If you love food, then the kitchen is likely the heart of your home. After all, it’s where food is stored, created, and enjoyed. You want your kitchen to be spacious and technologically friendly, and a remodel can be the best way to make this happen. When remodeling your home, you’ll have the option to completely transform it and add new features like a roof repair. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the biggest trend options for true food lovers that we’ve seen pop up over the last few years. Although these may not be essential to the functioning of your kitchen, you’ll love having them.

Built-In Drink Station

Rolling bar carts have been trendy for the past several years, but if you’re remodeling your home, you can do one better by adding a built-in drink station to store all your supplies. The exact shape and details of what you need are dependent on what you like to drink, but many people like to include a wine rack, a small fridge to keep drinks cold, and shelving for mixers and tools. You’ll also need some work space to actually assemble the drinks.

Automated Tools

There are tons of insane ways you can include automation in your kitchen nowadays, ranging from sensored sinks that turn on when they sense motion, to ovens that link with your smart phone for remote operation. Having automated technology in your kitchen can make the process of cooking any meal much faster and easier, plus there’s something universally appealing about automation that never seems to get old.

Wifi-enabled Fridge

Many appliance manufacturers are now including wifi services in their new refrigerators, which not only strengthens the wifi service in your kitchen, but also allows for tons of other cool functions. For example, many fridges now allow you to search the web for recipes or even call to order food directly from a touch screen.

Multi-Level Storage

Designers are getting creative with cabinetry, which means that you don’t have to sacrifice your cooking space in order to have enough storage for your supplies anymore. There are tons of innovative storage ideas you can add to your kitchen. For example, many people are now choosing to use corner cabinets, which make use of the corner space that usually gets lost in design. There are also options for folding cabinets, which allow you to double up on storing small items like silverware. For the cooking enthusiast who just can’t stop buying new kitchen items, innovative storage is an absolute must.

Bluetooth Speakers

Cooking can be made even more enjoyable by listening to your favorite music or radio show while you’re doing it. A great addition to any kitchen is high-tech Bluetooth speakers that connect with your phone or television to provide surround sound. Many people are even opting for voice-activated tools like Amazon’s Alexa, which allows you to verbally instruct the system to play your favorite song. This keeps things totally hands-free and simple to use.

Slow Cooker

Although you don’t need to renovate to add this tool to your kitchen, it’s definitely something that can make cooking for your family much easier. Slow cookers allow you to leave ingredients cooking all day, and results in delicious food in large quantities. Many slow cookers now have the ability to connect with your smart phone, so you can turn the device on without even being home.

For any foodie, these innovations are the perfect way to add some fun to your kitchen. These trends have been popular recently for kitchen renovation in West Virginia and around the world.